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The Searching of Existential Meaning and The Effect of The Holy
The aim of this study is to reveal the influence of the holy from past to present in understanding and sense-making of human life. In addition, the effect of manifestations of the holy (symbol, sign, rite, worship, etc.) in finding satisfactory answers to human existential questions; the place of myths and religions in man's search for meaning; the place of the holy in the face of life's difficulties; to reveal the origin of holy feelings, thoughts and behaviors from archaic people to modern people and the causal relationship between them and the meaning of life. As a matter of fact, the holy, which has many reflections from the aspect of human, has always existed in human life. In this respect, it is important to consider the relationship between the sense of meaning-puporse, which is the mechanism of the holy and the human clinging to life. In the first part of the article, which consists of two parts, conceptual definitions of the meaning and purpose of life, the importance of the meaning of life in terms of human perspective, the existential evaluation of man's ongoing search for meaning and the need for meaning as a problem will be discussed. In the second part, the effect of the holy and its manifestations on the process of sense-making of human life will be examined in a descriptive style. The sources presented under these headings will be examined. Finally, the importance and effect of the different forms of the holy will be revealed in the sense-making of human life from past to present, in causation of the situations encountered in his/her life and in finding satisfactory answers to his/her existential questions.

Psychology of religion, meaning in life, searching for meaning,holy,belief.

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