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Türkiye’nin Suriyeli Mültecilere Yönelik Türkçe Öğretimi Politikaları Ve Uygulamadaki Yansımaları (2011-2021)
With the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011, developments that affected the dominant region and the entire Middle East geography emerged. Syrian citizens fleeing the civil war took refuge in neighboring countries, primarily Turkey. According to the United Nations Refugee Organization (UNHCR) data, Turkey is currently the country hosting the most refugees in the world with 3.6 million registered asylum seekers. Turkey, which has unexpectedly started to host large numbers of refugees, is going through many tests. At the beginning of these exams is the problem of harmony between the local people and the refugees. To solve the integration problem, firsÇt, Syrian refugees should be taught Turkish. Syrian refugees need to learn Turkish, the language of the local people, so that they can adapt to the region they live in, lead a more comfortable life, receive education in Turkish schools, maintain their daily lives, defend their rights, find a job and even be accepted by the society. A language policy is needed to manage this process efficiently and effectively. In this study, Turkey's policies on teaching Turkish to refugees between the years 2011-2021 and the reflections of these policies in practice will be revealed.

Language policy, Teaching Turkish, Teaching Turkish to refugees.

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