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Securıty Governance Approach In Terms Of Government Securıty
The concept of state security and ensuring the security of the state has been one of the most important problems of states and state managers throughout history. It is seen that states take effective measures to protect their own security and put them into practice against threats and dangers, the diversity of which increases with the globalization process. The state, which has the monopoly of using weapons in the provision of state security, has partially transferred this authority and made the field of security open to the private sector and international organizations. States have come to a point where they prefer to privatize the training, logistics, planning and infrastructure services required by their armed forces. It is seen that the management of military bases and military lodgings, the maintenance and repair of vehicles, the preparation of uniforms and warehouse services, and the operation of canteens are left to the private sector. Private military companies have become involved in security governance in order to reduce the budgets and the number of soldiers allocated by many states for the military, the need for specialized personnel with the modernization of armies, and in developing states where military coups are common, primarily to prevent actions against the government.

Security, State Security, Security Management, Governance, Security Governance.

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