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Contributions of Allama Muhammad Iqbal to the History and Development of Islamic Economic Thought
Attempt has been made to investigate the contributions of Iqbal to the history and development of Islamic Economic Thought. Muhammad Iqbal, also known as Allama Iqbal, was a philosopher, poet and politician in British India who is widely regarded to have inspired by the Pakistan Movement. He is considered one of the most important figures in Urdu literature and concentrated primarily on writing scholarly works on politics, economics, history, philosophy, and religion. Iqbal is admired as a prominent classical poet by Pakistani, Indian and other international scholars of literature. Although most well known as a poet, he has also been acclaimed as a modern Muslim philosopher. Along with his Urdu and Persian poetry, his various Urdu and English lectures and letters have been very influential in cultural, social, Economic, religious, and political disputes over the years. Iqbal wrote his first book on Economics in 1903, Ilimul Iktisat ( The Knowledge of Economics).

Iqbal, Economics, Islamic Economics and Finance, Philosophy, Political Economy

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