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Kamu Çalışanlarında Yıkıcı Liderlik Davranışının Örgütsel Sinizm Üzerindeki Etkisi: Ankara Örneği
In terms of their functions, public institutions both contribute to the economy of countries and create a burden in terms of their expenses. The efficiency of public institutions is important for the country's economy. The impact of interpersonal communication on the productivity of today's organizations is too great to be ignored. In this context, in this study, it is aimed to investigate the effect of destructive leadership behavior on organizational cynicism in public employees. The population of the research consists of 148 employees working in a public institution in Ankara. 142 employees from the population consisting of non-managerial employees participated in the study, and 3 were excluded due to the lack of survey data. The sample size of the study was determined as 139. “Destructive Leadership Scale” and “Organizational Cynicism Scale” were used to measure the effect of disruptive leadership behavior on organizational cynicism by using the survey data of 139 employees. In line with the findings, a positive and statistically significant relationship was found between destructive leadership and organizational cynicism (r=0.619) (p=0.000). In addition, it was determined that destructive leadership had a significant positive effect on organizational cynicism (ß=0.619, F=164,689, p<.001). The determined results confirmed the hypotheses of the study. Interpersonal relationships are important for the efficiency of organizations. For this reason, it is recommended to take initiatives to prevent destructive leadership and organizational cynicism tendencies. In addition, due to the limitations of the study, it will be possible to obtain more comprehensive results by adding demographic factors such as age, gender and working time in future studies.

Disruptive Leadership, Organizational Cynicism, Civil Servants

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