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The Battles Of İnönü In The Turkısh War Of Independence
Turkish War of Independence; It is the political, military, economic, social and cultural independence struggle of the Turkish Nation and Army between the years 1919-1922, consisting of the stages of Kuvayimilliye, congresses and battles. The most important part of this struggle of the state and nation in all areas was undoubtedly the battle phase. Successful military moves to be implemented in these days of occupation and struggle were important in terms of achieving the aim. While the eminent places of Anatolia were occupied one by one, the defense of the homeland, which started with local forces, turned into a national struggle based in Ankara, and the Turkish Grand National Assembly determined its line in the eyes of the Turkish Nation and implemented its military strategies accordingly. The Battles of İnönü, which were the first military victories of the National Struggle, shaped under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, not only ensured that the struggle was settled on a solid ground, but also brought the military structure to a more pragmatic level with the current staff arrangement. In this context, the Battle of İnönü had a direct impact on the political and military policies of the period in question. Considering the historical process in line with the Turkish State tradition and the current situation of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the sensitive and foresighted level followed in military strategy before, during and after the Battle of İnönü can be fully understood. With this intention and purpose, in this study; Inonu Battles, which are the first and critical victories in the birth process of the new Turkish State, will be evaluated and explained during the National Struggle period.

Battles of İnönü, National Struggle, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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